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Personal Cycle Touring Pages

"Everyone's journey should be different,
so that we all are enriched
in new and endless ways."
Press Here Ken Kifer's Bicycling Pages
Definitely one of the top personal cycle touring pages on the net.

Tragically, Ken Kifer was killed by a drunk driver in September 2003. No one knows what happens to us after death, but I'm sure Ken will journey through it on a bicycle. RIP, Ken. You will be sorely missed. (Ride in Peace)

"Articles on bicycle camping (bikepacking) and touring, cycling health and fitness, bicycle safety in traffic, and bicycling advocacy, plus travelogues from ten bike trips, cycling humor, and cycling links.

Press Here Mike Vermuelen's Bicycle Tours
Mike has taken more bike tours than anyone I know  He has toured in many US locations, in Alaska, across Canada, in Hawaii, the Netherlands, completely around Australia, New Zealand (North Island), Tasmania, India, and in Russia.  He documents his tours quite well, many with pictures and maps, on his Fiets tocht (bicycle tour) web site.

Press Here Per and Elisabeth Löwdin
A very adventurous couple from Sweden, their site has many fine journeys to tell you about: Himalayas, Alps, Asia, the US, and of course, Sweden. They prefer to travel with their MTBs, in search of single track. Photos and presentation are superb.

Press Here Ken Brown's Cycle Tour Photos
Ken Brown's photos demonstrate very well how causally one can tour the river systems in Germany, France and Austria.  His photos instantly take me back to the time I have spent on river trails in Austria and Germany.  Click on his links to photos from Austria, Germany, and France.

The focus of his web site is on Ontario Rails Trails; "to encourage the use and development of these trails. It has been my [Ken's] quest over the past two years to seek out the best rail trails and canal towpaths in the northeastern USA, Ontario and Quebec, principally from a cyclist's point of view."

Press Here Mark Boyd's Bicycling Stuff
Mark has done a lot of riding, and put together some straight forward ride descriptions with good pictures.  He's cycled across the USA.  He also cycled a big loop from North Carolina to Tennessee to Oklahoma, up to Colorado, to South Dakota, back through Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ontario, upper new York, and down to North Carolina.  He also journals rides in North Carolina and my home state, Colorado (some of my favorite rides, with good descriptions).

Press Here Bob Kastigar's Bicycling Pages
A fellow cycle tourer who's style of touring is much like mine.

"I like to ride, and often go off by myself for a little touring.  Here's some information on a couple of rides I've done, and some links to other sites you might find of interest as well.  — Chicago to Biloxi, San Francisco to LA, Chicago to Wisconsin Dells, The L.A.T.E.  Ride through Chicago, O'Hare Airport: How to get into and out of - on a bike."

Press Here Wade Anderson Key West to Alaska
In 1999, after consulting in rec.bicycles.rides, Wade rode from Key West, Florida to Alaska towing a BOB trailer. He sent home daily accounts which were all posted, with photos, on his website.

"This journal was written as I pedaled my way from Key West, Florida to Tok, Alaska. What I wrote in my journal is what I was thinking and feeling at the time, it's just a reflection of who I am. And though I'm not perfect, and I didn't write to please anyone, these are my own personal opinions, my own perceptions, and written exactly as I saw the world around me at that particular moment."

Press Here Bicycle Fish of Adelaide
Information from a bike tourist "down under."

"An independent and sometimes iconoclastic personal home page, low on graphics, high on useful information - and just about bikes. Bicycle Fish values the individual cyclist's needs for simplicity, economy and authenticity."

Press Here Paul Jeurissen & Grace Johnson
The site uses a Java applet to present slide shows of brilliant and thoughtful images from bicycle tours in the southwest U.S., Nepal, India, and Indonesia.

"We met each other in 1981 on a Bikecentennial Transamerica bicycle trip. Since then we travel together with camera and film.
Via slide shows we try to visualise the feeling of travelling by bicycle.  In the future we hope to add more travel impressions to this website."

Press Here Vilmar's Great Cycling Adventures
"If you are the type of person that enjoys cycling, or are planning a long distance bicycle trip, or likes to read about other people's adventures (or all of the aforementioned) then you've found the best web site there is!"

Press Here Pavel Protopopov •Bicycle Touring
Pavel lives in Russia and has gone on many bike tours.   He has been a member of the Cyclists' Touring Club Orion in Russia since 1980 (and is the club webmaster).

"Our club is an inter-regional Russian non-commercial public organization including cycle tourists, randonneurs and recreation cyclists (no racers).  We organize self-supported trips in Russia, CIS countries and all over the world.

I have made more than 50 long-distance trips in many countries.  I have many stories and descriptions of my trips but they are almost all in Russian.  Right now I am preparing a list of my trips in English and a story about the international Russian-British-Australian MTB-expedition in Caucasus (the first in Russia) in 1991."

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Travel Related Pages

"Every time you travel, you gain experience;
You bring an intangible wealth home with you.
Remember, though, that it is a trade.
You leave an intangible part of yourself behind.
Take care what that is."

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Press Here The Rec.Travel Library
Inspired long ago by articles and posts to the news group, this vast site contains a wealth of information and personal experiences from all over the world.
"Personal travelogues, trip reports, and worldwide tourist information."

Press Here Cyber Cafes in Europe
Want to know if you'll can find Internet access where you are going? Forget the post cards. Keep those for your photo album. This is the way to let your friends know how you're doing ... today. When I spent 3 1/2 months in Europe, I found cyber cafes a great comfort, as they let me stay in touch with loved ones.

Press Here European Rail Information
"On this page you'll find links to the WWW servers of the European national railways, to on-line timetables and travel planners, and to rail fan pages with lots of information on a national railway."

Some sites offer fare information, and with a little digging you'll find information on bicycle transport.  I find this server unavailable some evenings.  Best to Bookmark the web site of the European Rail site(s) you are interested in.

Press Here The Deutsche Bahn Home Page
This site has BY FAR the most useful and informative pages for not only German rail information and reservations, but for all of Europe.  The German rail system is the most bike friendly rail system I have ever experienced, and this web page demonstrates that.

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Bicycling Sites

Sites designed to assist cycle tourists.
Sites with miscellaneous bicycling information,
and cycling advocacy sites.

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Press Here Boulder Community Network
     Bicycle Links
Links to Boulder and Colorado bicycling organizations.

Press Here Bicycle Colorado
Everything you've always wanted to know about
bicycling in Colorado, but were afraid to ask.

"Bicycle Colorado’s mission is to encourage and promote bicycling, increase safety, improve conditions and provide a voice for cyclists in Colorado. Established in 1992, BC is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization working for you, the road, mountain and touring cyclist in Colorado."

This site has excellent maps (click on BOOKSTORE) and information (click on VISITING COLORADO TO RIDE) for those wanting to tour in Colorado.

If you live and bicycle in Colorado, you should really become a member, and help out these hard working volunteers.

Press Here Trento Bicycling Pages
A vast and complete collection of travelogues and information about bicycle touring and mountain biking in Europe.  A must-see site.

Press Here Travel with Bicycles (Air/Rail/Other)
A very useful site! — put together by George Farnsworth.

"A thorough collection of experiences taking bikes on planes, trains, buses, boats, etc.  There's lots of stuff on rentals, folding bikes, boxing, airlines, and railroads around the world and how to ride in/out of about 120 airports."

Press Here Airline Baggage Regulation for Bikes
A very complete and easy to read chart detailing the different airlines' baggage regulations for bicycles (at - The International Bicycle Fund).

"Airline baggage regulations for bicycles are a moving target and the airlines can be very inconsistent. ...."

"The following is the best information we have.  The airlines don't notify us when they raise their tariffs or change rules.  If you have information that differs from the chart please forward it to us at

Press Here Mike's Mega Bicycling Site
Many, many links to all things concerned with cycling, including a guide to bike trails in Northern Illinois, and many local US state links.

Press Here Bicycling Life
"We intend this site to focus on the Good News about Bicycling as a means of transportation and recreation in everyday life."

Press Here Sheldon Brown's Bicycling Articles
Expert and detailed information about nearly every aspect of cycling, including riding, mechanical adjustments and tools, wheel building, parts, equipment, touring (in Europe), and even some fiction.  Sheldon is a real down to earth kind of guy and all of his stuff seems to be the straight dope.

Press Here Bike Katy Trail
"The Katy Trail is a 225 mile (365 km) bike path stretching across most of the state of Missouri. Over half of the Katy Trail follows Lewis and Clark's path up the Missouri River, where you can ride beneath towering river bluffs while eagles circle overhead. After leaving the river, the Katy Trail meanders through peaceful farmland and small-town Americana.

-- I plan on doing this ride myself someday. It looks fantastic!
Also, note that there are excellent AmTrak connections for getting to and from either end of the trail and anywhere along it.
- Chuck

Press Here New: 21 Wheels
New Mobility for the Twenty-First Centrury

"Our idea is to expand the imagination of what you can navigate around a community. We are committed to the very essence of smart mobility at 21 Wheels. This includes an integrated approach with mission specific vehicles utilized in mobility systems. People are clamoring for lifestyles that take them out of the fast lane and parking lots and into a world of convenient and hassle free transport.

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Some Places I've Been

Press Here Vienna Live Cam
If you've ever been to Vienna, you're going to like playing with this Live Camera on Vienna.  You (and who ever else is connected) can point and zoom this live video camera at your favorite downtown Vienna landmark.  The picture is updated every second or two, so you can see traffic, trolleys, and even people walking by.  I've taken some beautiful snapshots with the capture feature.

Press Here City of Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany
This is, by far, my favorite city in Germany.  If you are going to Bavaria, to see Munich, or you are following the Danube River, you must take the time to visit this city.  It is one of the oldest cities in Germany, surviving WWII intact, and it dates from Roman times.  It has the Gemütlichkeit of a small Bavarian town, but is a also a good sized, progressive college town.  You must visit the old part of town, and you absolutely must spend an evening at the Kneittinger Biergarten, overlooking the Danube, the ancient stone bridge, and the old medieval city.  Leave the large crowds behind in the tourist towns, and enjoy Regensburg.

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