1.1-1.2 2.1 - 2.2 3.16 The Three Amigos 4.1- 4.2

Click on a label to view or download (shift-click) the full size label.
Full size labels are 5.87" x .067" at 300 dpi, ~60k in size.
Note: since the numbering scheme may not be the same for everyone,
I have supplied other versions:

  • Click here to download the four labels with no episode numbers.
  • Click here to download the four labels with no episode numbers and NORTHERN EXPOSURE flipped 180.
  • Click here to download season 1's labels with episode numbers (2 episodes per label)
  • Click here to download season 2's labels with episode numbers (2 episodes per label)

I was going to make a different label for each of the six seasons, but it became too much of a project (I made it too much of a project), so I have temporarily stopped with these four.  You can use them any way you wish.  I have two episodes on each tape, and made a label for each tape, adding the episode numbers with a graphics program (Paint Shop Pro).

However, some episodes such as "Thanksgiving," and "Seoul Mates," are shown out of order, so they may end up on their own individual tapes or together on one.  Also, as in the above examples I chose to put "The Three Amigos" on a tape of it's own.  Either way, how the labels should be numbered is indeterminate.

I've included the first two seasons with the numbers on the labels, as they are pretty straight forward (other than episode 3.1 being on the same tape as 2.7).  You may choose to print blank labels (easiest) and add numbers by hand or with stickers(?).

Let me know if you have any additions or suggestions for completing the last two seasons.  If anyone requests, I will add lossless file format versions (tiff, psd) if you wish to make changes or add numbers in another program and save again without any loss in quality (there should really be no noticeable loss in quality starting with these low compression/high quality jpeg image files).

  • Paper I use Avery Labels - 5997 (contains 4 sheets of 15 spine labels plus 6 sheets of ten face labels - about $10).  Sixty labels should do it sans errors).  The other, more readily available package (5199) contains labels for many more tapes and is much more expensive.
  • Printing Programs
    • Avery Label Pro Probably the easiest to use, but it will only print the same image on every label on the sheet (no individual episode numbers).
    • Paint Shop Pro (6 and 7) has a Print Multiple Images feature which will allow you to drag and drop images onto a page using the Snap to Grid feature, so they line up properly.
    • MS Word I believe will work.
    • Adobe Illustrator is what I used to place individual labels, with episode numbers onto a full sheet.  The more accurate the program, the better.
I hope someone finds them useful,

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