You Asked For It

Oops.  Now you know where my beer stash is.

Fits very snug in the soft, water repellant, well padded case.
I have to pull the top up and over the head to get it all the way in.
Great, huge, velcro-sealed pocket in front.
It is made of fine Corinthian Nylon Cordura.

<< See how the back is bowed out
- bigger sound - great projection.

Hey!  Who's that over there on the street?

"Let's Roll!"

A big, dead weed Meredith and I found by the pond (which is looking
bad - very dry) at the park yesterday while watching a red wing
blackbird attack a deer's butt (you had to be there).
(It's very difficult to find a spot to grab that thing - thorns all over.)