Rome to Florence - 1997

From April to July of 1997, I toured solo ("Oh, solo mi-o!") from Greece (Crete) to Italy, Austria, Germany and finally Ireland.  In May, I was in Italy.  These pages document my route from Rome to Florence.


Overview of route (click for detailed maps):

Day 1: This sign left me a little confused about which way I was supposed to be going (on the east side of Lago di Vico, approaching Viterbo from the south).

Day 2: The Madonna del Monte parade during the festival "Barabbata" in the village of Marta on Lago di Bolsena (May 14).  I'd spent the previous night at Campeggio Amalasunta at the bottom of the hill below Montefiascone - on the shore of Lago di Bolsena.

Day 2: Leaving Lazio (the province of Rome) and entering the Region of Toscana - on highway 2.  Even though there is no shoulder, the traffic volume was low and friendly, and I never felt any concern.

Day 3: Highway 2 in Tuscany near Buon Convento and the rolling Tuscan hills.

Day 3: Highway 222, north of Siena, is well off the beaten path, ... very hilly, and very scenic.  Every time I saw one of these signs I had to laugh.  No honking allowed??  In Italy?!

Camping Michelangelo (where I stayed while in Florence) and the Piazza Michelangelo from the Duomo in Florence.

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