Seattle, Washington to Boulder, Colorado
June and July, 1994

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Ok, so there's not much here, ... not yet, anyway, but ...

This map shows the route I took from Seattle to Boulder in June and July of 1994.  The towns along the way are places where I spent the night. 

On June 21st, I flew to SeaTac airport.  I rebuilt my bike, which I had brought along in a box, and got on the road at 17:30.  I rode thirty miles to Issaquah, where I spent my first night as I had hoped, away from the city of Seattle.  It took me eight more days to ride to Missoula, Montana, where I stayed with a very good friend for four days.  While in Missoula, I also managed to visit Adventure Cycling's headquarters.

I stayed until Monday, the 4th of July, until the holiday weekend was over, so the roads would not be so busy.  It took me 14 more days to get home, ... to Boulder.  The scenery, special places, and wide open spaces made this truly, one of my favorite bicycle touring adventures.

I will be adding links to the above map as I add more photos and write down more from my journal.  Trace the route with your cursor to find the active links along the way, or check the photos page with thumbnails to all the current links.

If you have any questions about details along this route, please feel free to write and ask.

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