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by Cycletourist
Welcome to a unique, new method for displaying your personal biorhythm information for an entire year.  To begin, fill in the form (below) and click on the Critical Days Map button to view yearly maps of your biorhythm critical days.  This annual presentation is not available anywhere else!
The usual, detailed, two month biorhtyhm charts are also accessible from the Critical Days Map.
The History and Description of biorhythm charts and a Guide on how to interpret them, is here.
Note:   The Critical Day Map can also display the phases of the moon.
=new moon  =first quarter  =full moon  =last quarter

 Create a Critical Days Map 
Enter name (optional), your full birth date, and the year you would like mapped.
(Do not abbreviate years.  For example, the year 60 is 60 A.D.  Time zone is for lunar cycles only)
Birth Date
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Map Date
Lunar Cycles
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remember this time zone
Check remember Birth Date to bookmark your Critical Days Map
and return to it with one click (requires cookies).
The Critical Days Map displays your biorhythm critical days for any given year.  It uses color bars to indicate which cycle (or cycles) are critical on that day (meaning that they are crossing the horizontal axis).  Dates with more than one color bar are multiple critical days; when more than one cycle is critical.
Double: ... or even Triple:
The top menu will allow you to select a year, or move forward (Next) or back (Prev) by one year.  Checking "include lunar cycles" will add the dates when the moon is new, at first quarter, full, and at last quarter.

•To view a new, complete two month biorhythm chart, click here.
• To display the phase of the moon for any given date click here.

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