Biorhythm Charts

by Cycletourist

Welcome to my free biochart program.  After filling in the form below and clicking on Submit, you will be able to view a text based biorhythm chart (in the original format I created twenty-five years ago).

But don't stop there.  Clicking on the button labeled on that page will take you to a two month chart (also free, of course) presented in a fine, color graphics format, ideal for printing.

(Note: In order to make the color graphics page more suitable for printing, there are no navigation or menu buttons on that page.  Please use your browser's Back Button to return from that page.  Also, notice that the color graghics page has Next and Previous buttons under the graph to allow you to go forward or backward by 2 months.)

 New The graphical chart page now displays the phases of the moon (dates are UT) on the horizontal axis.   =new moon  =first quarter  =full moon  =last quarter

(To go the input form for the new color graphics chart, click here.)

To read the history and description of biorhythm charts and a guide on how to interpret and use them, click here.

 Create a Biochart 

Enter name, birth date, the date for the chart to begin, and the number of months to chart. (Note: Do not abbreviate years.  For example, the year 60 is 60 A.D.)

Birth Date
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Chart Date
Months to chart    include lunar cycles


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