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This web page is dedicated to our great friend Mick DiNicolo, affectionately and rightfully known to many as "Mad Mick."  I hope to keep adding to this site.  If you have any photos, stories, messages, ideas ... or anything else you would like me to include here, contact me by clicking on the Email button below and I'll be glad to add it.

-- Chuck Anderson (Boulder, CO - previously, Wheaton, IL)

I would like to start by sharing a song that was written by myself and another good friend (Brian Murphy) back in 1972, right after Mick and Claudette moved to California.  Mick had been the "Neal Cassady" to our band of Merry Pranksters in those days and his leaving left a big empty spot in all of us.  We were very sorry to see him go, but we wished him well.

Mick was way into Truckin' in those days.  I recall one late night when he drove a few of us down to O'Hare airport where we commenced to "truck" in unison, in perfect formation, all around the concourse to the amusement of the late night travelers stuck there.  Trucking was one of Mick's specialties, and he did it in grand style, one leg out in front, bell-bottoms dragging, leaning back, hands waving in the air, and a big Cheshire Cat grin ... inspiring us all to do the same.

Anyway, ... one night after Mick and Claudette had left, Brian and I had an all night music session with the tape recorder running, and this spilled out almost spontaneoulsy.  I had to ask Brian to locate a copy of it for me, which he did - and after listening to it - it seems very appropriate now, as it was back then.  I hope you enjoy it.

mad_mick.mp3 - (3MB)

I've left the heady silliness and restarts intact, as I'm sure Mick would have loved hearing it complete, ... knowing where our heads were at the time.  Ironically, Mick never heard this.

I never saw Mick again after he moved to LA, but his friendship ran deep and has remained with me all this time.  He and I were particularly close in 1970 and 1971 and had many adventures together; ... many involving road trips in his red VW with the Alice's Restaurant Trinity symbol painted on the side.  One "sport" he enjoyed was driving down a country road late on a summer night, sitting up on the back of the drivers seat with his head sticking up through the sun roof and steering his VW like it was a boat.  Hence my comment last September in the guest book;

" ..... "I've got the gas. You steer."

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Chicago Tribune

align="left" hspace="5" vspace="2"> Michael J. DiNicolo JR. (Mick)
Age 54, of Riverside, CA., passed away on 08/29/2006. Mick was born on 06/12/1952 in Naperville, IL. He is survived by his daughter, McKenzie DiNicolo; 2 sons, Joel DiNicolo, Max Walter; parents, Michael J., DiNicolo, Sr. and Lois Griffin; 1 brother; 4 sisters; grandmother, Louise Meisner. Memorial Service 09/09, 11am at Arlington Mortuary, Riverside. Services Entrusted To: ARLINGTON MORTUARY - 1-800-ARLINGTON

Published in the Press-Enterprise on 9/8/2006.

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