Moon's Age (days past new moon)
To display the moon's age (days past new moon) and appearance for any given date, select the date and time and click on Submit.
You can also display a full year Lunar Calendar (below).
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age = 29.624 days
(29 days  14 hours  58 mins)
Day of week = Thursday
first quarter October 1st 14:33 CDT
full moon October 8th 05:51 CDT eclipse
last quarter October 15th 14:13 CDT
new moon October 23rd 16:57 CDT eclipse
first quarter October 30th 21:49 CDT

new moon is today
If you select "Save this Time Zone" that information will be stored in your browser and used automatically when you return (cookies must be enabled).

Click on the Lunar Calendar to display all lunar phases for the current year.

The dates are accurate to within seconds from 1584 - 2100 AD.  Outside of that the accuracy decreases to ± 1 day.

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