NCAR January 13, 2004 .... part 2

Approaching that final "steep" section.   (I did that - run up and down this road ... ... ... once.)

In the steep bit, ... and it feels like I'm going downhill.  I can shift up!  Nice illusion.

A quick stop before the top of the climb.  The view to the north.  The road I came up on is across this meadow.

Same view (telephoto).  In order: NCAR road; Enchanted Mesa (with hikers); the CU campus; Haystack Mountain (center - nearly invisible in the "haze"); Rabbit Mountain in the left distance (near Lyons - MTB trails); Boulder reservoir on the right.  I was actually glad to get these smoggy shots (a winter time phenomenon).  I'd like people in Boulder county to get a look at this.  It's disgusting what we're doing to this place.  Glad I didn't ride down there today (cough, hack, wheeze).

There are some great loop rides out into those plains.  40 miles and back to Lyons, and 28 out around Haystack and back.  That's where the notorious, unofficial Thursday training rides have taken place since the 70's (picture county cops wanting to arrest european pro's - guests of locals - for not having a drivers license - flagged down for riding in a pack that was "blocking traffic.").

Anyway ..... here's the top of the ride (6100 feet).  The entrance to NCAR is to the right (visitors are welcome).

..... Continue?

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