NCAR January 13, 2004 .... Part 3

The return - looking down the hill from that upper curve.

That smog gets worse and worse year after year - trapped in Boulder Valley by temperature inversions.  Those are CU dorms - "old" Williams Village Towers on the left, and the brand new apartment "suites" to the right of them.  The Valmont coal burning power plant is in the distance next to its own reservoir.

In the straights.  Tuck!!  (I go anywhere from 30 to 55 mph in this section, depending on conditions.)

This is the fastest part of the descent!!  That's the Table Mesa RTD Park'n'Ride and South Boulder Road distance greatly compressesd by a telephoto lens.

Back down from the climb (on Lehigh Street) looking back, and ... there he is.  He passed me on this climb last week - towing that trailer; and yes, there is a child in it.  I don't care what anyone says.  That sort of thing is disheartening - at least as it is happening.  (Especially when I am feeling so strong this year.)

How I carried my camera - a 35mm digital SLR, Olympus E-10 - a full size camera.

Anybody want to buy an old Toyota Corolla?

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