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  The Llama Ride

An easy, 14 mile loop in Boulder, CO
(Opens in a new browser window.)

Mt Wilson, Colorado (800 x 559 pixel image)



Illinois Sunset


Northern Exposure VHS Tape Labels


  Greece Banner
(save and use as wallpaper?)

1024 pixels wide

800 pixels wide


My favorite band (Quality, Traditional Irish Music)


"Poor Mans" Rain Gear

Warp Demo - Java Applet
(Requires Java be enabled.)

  !!! Hurrah Lance !!!

Length of Day

Touring with dog


Some HTML table usage examples

HTML - demo of expandable table row

A nice page background and table example
(The horizontal sweep effect does not work in IE5.
See the background image, Image21.jpg.)


Fixing Netscape table background tiling bug


Using tables to create a top and bottom banner
(that fits any window size).

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