Rossatzbach Kneipe und Campingplatz, just west of Krems.  I am standing in the campground.  This was my favorite camping place in Austria.  I met some wonderful people here and paid only 46 schillings (about $3.50) for a campsite, plus a small fee for the hot showers.  That was the cheapest camping I found in Austria, and in such a beautiful place.  Rossatzbach is in Wachau, wine country, and the local specialty, Grüner Veltliner, was served cold in quarter liter glasses at the friendly Kneipe (bar). 

Perhaps the best thing about this campground is it's location on the Danube, directly across from Durnstein and the medieval castle.  I loved watching full barges, low in the water, as they quietly plowed along, creating a smooth, stationary bow wave that undulated behind, and when the barge was almost out of view, lapped at the shore.  At night, the running lights and softly illuminated crew quarters made this a serene vision.

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