A spot along the Donau Kanal that seemed an appropriate place to set up my tent.  The town of Muhlbach (I was approaching the Altmuhl river) was a mile or so away.  There I was able to find a Gasthaus where I could "funf Bieren zum Mitnehmen kaufen" (buy five beers to go).  I came back to this bench and had a peaceful dinner (a hearty sandwich) and studied my maps.  As it got dark, the river valley faded into a shroud of fog, and a big, bright, midsummer's full moon slowly disappeared, backlighting the grey cloak.  I slept very well.

Scenes from Germany
The Romantische Strasse near Rothenburg
Romantic Road
Camp spot on the Donau Canal
Muhlbach Campsite
A small village near Rothenburg
Altmuhl Way
Bavarian Barley

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