Cycle Touring the Danube River in Austria
(Rad Tour auf der Donau in Österreich)
Donau Sunset
A spot to "camp" for the night along the Donau (Danube) River near Tulln, Austria.  This is a composite shot of my bike and the bench that was my home for the night.  The sunset was actually behind me, over my shoulder.  That's Venus, high in the sky above the sun.  The sunset picture was taken at about 10:30PM (22:30). 

The following thumbnails are links to pictures, accompanied by descriptions which give a general idea of what it's like to bicycle in Austria along the Danube River, and into the voralps (the fore-alps).  For anyone considering such a ride (the Danube River Trail makes for an easy self-supported tour), I hope these pictures inspire you to follow through with your plan.  For those who have been there, I hope it brings back memories.  Enjoy. 

Cycling in Austria and Along the Danube

The Danube Bike Trail near Tulln, Austria
Gute Fahrt
Rossatzbach Kneipe and Camping
Durnstein Castle from Camping Place Rossatzbach
The Donau Bike Path in Wachau
The scene of a 24% grade in the Voralps of Lower Austria
Camping at Lunz am See
Lunz am See
Just inside Steirmark between Lunz am See and Marazell
Flowers and Mountains
Taking a break on the Donau Radwanderweg near Krems
Near Krems
A bench for the night, near Tulln, Austria
Bench or Bed?
Sunset on the Donau near Tulln, Austria
Route Map Vienna to Mosbach
Route Map

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Cycling Synchronicity in Austria - Ramblings from My Amblings

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